Bodovian Runes

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In Ul-Zaorith, Bodovians believe runes have the power and meaning you infuse them with. Each Bodovian makes their own sigil or symbol for each of their 32 runic concepts, or more commonly, gathers found items to represent each concept. When reading them, each is considered capable of "feeling" both positive and challenging concepts. When a pawful is tossed, each rune can be interpreted as that particular practitioner resonates with its concept. 

Most sets are made from a collection of findings (buttons, marbles, beads, shells, bits of metal, figurines, etc.). Traders and tinkers often curate sets for sale—and this is the Earth equivalent! This service is made to order, and includes 32 found pieces and a hand-made cloth bag to store them in, along with a PDF download of the Bodovian concept of each rune (including some reading methods). You can either determine which piece corresponds with which rune on your own, or you and a Bodovian companion can decide together! 

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