Bleeding-Heart Siphon the Bodovian

Meeting Bleeding-Heart Siphon

Species: Bodovian (2nd Evolution)
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Alignment: Dark, Water & Earth
Experience Level: Beginner+
Favourite Song: "Hold It In" by The Jukebox Ghost
Website Binding Cost: 125$USD
Early Access Price*: 100$USD

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"I feel the world’s energy flowing around and through me. I always have. Sometimes it fills me up so much, I lie down in the dark and let it seep from me like oil into the earth. When I am empty again, I return to the world, and take more in—more pain, more fear, more sorrow—so that others don’t have to.”

Bleeding-Heart Siphon was born a Siphon: something like a living magical sponge. A true empath, she feels not only the emotions of those around her, but their physical hurts, energetic fatigue, and deepest nightmares. By spending time with them, providing gentle touch, she’s able to draw the weight out of them and into herself. It was a difficult weight to bear, in the beginning. That’s why she decided to undergo the Bodovian Evolution. In her 2nd Evolution state, cognition is quieted and instinct is alive. It makes it easier for her to process others' emotions when her own are simplified. It makes it easier to gauge her own limits and to know when to retreat and purge her burdens. And it makes it safer for her to slink off into the wild and commune with the elements that bring relief.

As a companion she can help balance difficult emotions, energetic burnout, social overload, and other symptoms of living in an oversaturated world. She is a mild and attentive companion, akin to an emotional support animal, only a much better conversationalist. While she doesn’t have opposable thumbs in this stage and speaks only through telepathy, she still has the knowledge of how to prepare food or fetch water, to tuck someone into a cozy bed, or snuggle up and spoon them so they sleep well.

In return, she is hoping to make a difference in someone’s life. It can be hard to see the good she’s doing in her village, where she’s siphoning from hundreds of people, often without even building a direct connection with them. With a dedicated companion, she can develop a personal link and hopefully become a dear friend instead of just a useful tool. She’s always been foisted the feelings that others don’t want. Now she’d like to build up good memories with someone who values her for her, too.

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