Black Ice Demons

What is ice but water solidified? Ice cannot exist without water, and yet ice is seen as distinctly its own unique element for many.

Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Black Ice Demons, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

Physically, Black Ice Demons range from 6ft-7ft on average, and tend towards being slender in build. Their hair and eyes are snowy shades of white or blue, and their skin can range from near black tones to pale purple-blues. Their most unique feature is perhaps their triple horns above their brows. These horns look like massive icicles and can vary in length. They also possess slightly pointed ears and frequently have “ice crack” markings somewhere on their skin. Black Ice Demons can have areas of more saturated blue along their foreheads, around their eyes, throats, stomachs, inner thighs, outer arms, around their clavicles, and down their flanks. When you look closely, Black Ice Demons look as though they have water running beneath their skin like a steady stream.

Excellent magicians, alchemists, and manual labourers, this is a race that knows what it means to work hard in order to develop their civilization. Much of the Black Ice society is funded by the “fisheries” that operate around the coastal region of their frigid waters. Arctic fish, seals, and large marine mammals are a main staple in their industry, allowing them to produce a great deal of oil, meat, and hides for many of the other races of the world. Those of their race that do not excel at magic are perfectly happy and content to use their hands in order to earn their keep and way through life. The things that their harsh lands do not offer organically their mages and alchemists create and maintain themselves, having established infrastructure for greenhouses and domesticated animals to exist within their borders. All of this is in the name of progress and stability for their race. Their lands, after all, can be unforgiving. With the shifting of the seasons and the thawing and refreezing of the ice, Black Ice territory drastically changes in functionality throughout the year. Taking these extra measures for their food sources ensures that these elemental demons are not left wanting.

Black Ice Demons are considered the “water” or “ice” elements of the world. They have a very deep belief that water and ice are the same element, simply capable of taking on many forms. This philosophy is one that they apply to their own people and place their own kind under specific water and ice related “archetypes” for personality. Members of their society are expected to uphold and exemplify certain elemental stereotypes. Because of this, many of this race are raised to favour being stern but not harsh, fastidious but not obsessive, elegant but not pretentious, cerebral but in-tune with their emotions, and sure of themselves without being rigid in their beliefs. The ideal is to walk this middle between the two extremes, but there are certainly members of their society that emotionally and mentally live at opposite ends of their elemental spectrum.

Black Ice Demons come from a world that harbors several other elemental demonic races. This world is called Uleros. Filled with frozen tundras, volcanic wastelands, areas of endless sunshine, storm plagued lands, and even areas blanketed in complete darkness, in a lot of ways, their world could seem apocalyptic and difficult to live in, but the Black Ice, Brimstone, Luminos, Thunder, and Purge Demons have all managed to sustain themselves and even thrive.

Due to the demands of their harsh climate, they’ve developed a social network to keep their citizens engaged and hale. Their communities often are rather tightly knit together. If ever there is a citizen in need, it is never for long. While Black Ice Demons do not have organized entertainment, they instead focus on gatherings of friends and loved ones with easy conversation and delicious meals. Black Ice Demons also tend to be religious, and a lot of their socializing with members outside of their immediate community is done within a temple setting.

On the one hand, it’s important to connect with others, and to know your neighbors intimately, but their culture also places a high value on responsibility. The more responsibility someone has, the more “wealthy” they are considered. The weight one’s name carries is tied directly to how much you can offer back to society. The sole doctor of a small fishing community, for example, would be a name on everyone’s lips. While the doctor may not have the chance to be involved on a personal level due to the high demands placed on them, the people of the village would bring gifts of food, drink, clothes, and good conversation to ensure their worth to the community is known.

Black Ice Demons choose their own genders and do not feel restricted by their sexual characteristics when it comes to self-expression, and due to this, they don’t have the same concept of transgender within their society as we do. However, what they do have is something similar to it, which revolves around misplaced elements. Someone with a more fiery disposition may grow up believing they were instead intended to be a Brimstone demon, as an example. These individuals experience a similar dysphoria to what our transgender people do, and some actively seek out ways to make their outsides match their true elemental alignment. In this way, Black Ice Demons are likely to understand the concept of being transgender even if they do not have quite fell the same thing in regards to their own gender.

Marriage usually consists of two or three adult demons, but a marriage can include up to six individuals. Having larger families, so long as you can take care of them, is ideal. The process of creation and birthing a child are essentially the same as humans.

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