Baneful Monk the Koholean

Meeting Baneful Monk

Species: Koholean
Gender: Female
Alignment: Earth, Dark & Light Energies
Experience Level: Advanced+
Favourite Song: "Here's To The Fall" by Kamelot
Binding Cost: 100$USD

“The benefit in being slow to act is that every one of my actions is deadly intentional. When I hit someone, they have the unclouded surety of knowing they’ve done something to deserve it. I have assessed, weighed, and judged, and my fists deliver my verdict.”

Baneful monks are keepers of the peace, righters of wrongs, and vendettas made flesh. In order to follow their philosophy, they must fully remove their own biases from the issue at hand. Their solution may be as merciful as physical ejection of a malcontent from society or as permanent as execution; to know which punishment is warranted, they must be careful and balanced adjudicators. B is one such clear-sighted and fair-minded individual.

As a companion, B is an honest, blunt, and protective force. She has your best interests at heart—and that includes trying to stop you from making decisions that will be injurious to your wellbeing. She will be your voice of reason, your “fore-warned is fore-armed,” and your lookout for damaging people or behaviours that you may have a blind spot towards. She’s no warden, however; if you make bad decisions that get you into hot water, she’ll willingly retrace your steps to help learn from the experience, but she won’t support continued bad behaviour. She’ll give it to you straight, and she’ll be waiting for you once you pull yourself out of the shit.

In return, she wants to see growth and upright behaviour. She’s here to encourage broadening your horizons, living a balanced life, and standing up against injustice. She’d love an opportunity to join in on protests, humanitarian or human rights issues, and volunteer work to make a positive difference in the world. Her work has been somewhat isolating, so she hopes connecting with you and your circle will help remind her how to be social again. Not overlooking her life’s ethos, but cultivating friendlier connections as opposed to only the cases she needs to arbitrate.

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