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Familiars are beings either created and awarded by deities to devout worshippers, or can be creatures of a lower sentience (when compared to humans; although they may mask well) that people can summon to assist with aspects of their craft. Other times, familiars can be a bit more complex and—while they are often bestial in nature—they can sometimes take a more humanoid appearance. However, they are static in their nature in a similar way that you may expect all animals of a specific type to be; the fox that is cunning and swift; the coyote who is observant and opportunistic; the raven who is intelligent and mystical. This can be due to being made from a specific kind of energy or by the realm they came from itself. Most of our familiars are offered via an RA so we can assure we're summoning the right one for you. Astra offers a wide variety of familiars that vary in their level of sentience. The familiars below have been broken down into three categories and price points: Beginner Familiars ($30USD), Intermediate Familiars ($40USD), and Advanced Familiars ($60USD).

Eiryth Reverse Adoption

Price: 30$USD

The Eiryth are six-legged, four-winged, bird-like steeds traditionally trained as the Briandynians’ royal cavalry. When they fly, they generate electric energy which can enhance travel through the astral. They are spirited steeds and fierce defenders of their riders. They’ll protect you from harm in the astral and carry you wherever you want to go quite speedily. 

Eiryth originate in Cytheria, the Realm of Air, and spend the majority of their lives in flight. When they fly, Eiryth clusters generate thunderstorms and build up static electricity. This gave rise to the myth that they spit lightning. (They don't have a breath weapon, but a skilled rider can direct the gathering lightning to blast malevolent spirits that seek to do them harm.)

Faeryn Reverse Adoption

Price: 30$USD

Faeryn enhance problem-solving and clarity, helping their companion to find the truth. They also enhance casting and practical magics, being largely immune to them personally. Faeryn like order, cleanliness, and bright spaces. They can create barriers to deflect malevolent magics and create a purified altar space.

The magical energy that faeryn feed on is known as Manna Weave. It’s generated by working magic around them, so this familliar will be best cared for if they can be present for any spells you may work. Sanilonia is sometimes considered the last of “mortal Realms,” as the higher layers are almost exclusively the demesne of the various gods of Ul-Zaorith. In this way, the Faeryn and their Forests of Light (many branched pillars of light from whence they grow) are a sort of barrier between the mortal and the divine. 

Leeli Mimic Reverse Adoption

Price: 30$USD

Like the Water Realm they call home, Leeli's bodies appear to be made of contained water and so in their native environment, they are almost invisible. However, they are reflective shapeshifters, or mimics, and will reflect their companion’s appearance. In this way, Leelis can act as decoys and protectors.

They require external forces in order to develop a personality of their own, so your Leeli may be watchful or only subtly responsive at first. The more time you spend together, the more they will absorb your interests and opinions. Note that they are not siphons and cannot extract qualities from their companions. Instead, sharing in your emotional ups and downs brings colour and flavour to their world, similar to the way water reflects back at us.

Locus Guardian Reverse Adoption

Price: 30$USD

Locus Guardians are created in Fialysia, the Realm of Greater Gods, and are beings of pure creation energy. Their physical form is a compact piercing of the veil, almost a figurehead for the vast energetic leviathan that tethers them in Fialysia. This locus (from which they get their name) stands approximately 6” tall, but the energy that swirls off its “head” will swell and trail much longer when they are using their power.

Locus Guardians are personal protectors. While they also protect your extended spirit family, and other important individuals in your life as an extension of your own well-being, their primary focus is and will always be you. The Locus Guardian seeks out sources of distress, trauma, and danger, and will ping you to alert you of the danger. They still allow you to make your own life choices, but they want to ensure you are always supported no matter the events that befall you.

Loqistan Borrower Reverse Adoption

Price: 30$USD

Loqistan Borrowers are the Ul-Zaorith equivalent of Brownies. They are also called Button Imps, Rat Scroungers, and House Filchers. They are small, rodent-like, and generally keep out of sight. They are excellent at repurposing, upcycling, and keeping things clean. A well cared for Loqistan typically lives for fifteen to twenty years, but if you have a good home for them, they may choose to have a brood of pinks in your space, who will take over when the parents pass away. A single Loqistan can asexually produce up to three pinks in a single brood.

In return for companionship, they will help you find ways to reduce your waste; keep your place tidy; and draw your attention to items that need repair, updating, cleaning, or to be replaced. Thrifty and handy, Loqistan love a fixer-upper project and would rather mend something than throw it out wherever possible.

Mirkin Reverse Adoption

Price: 30$USD

Mirkins are sometimes called pocket or shoulder dragons as they like to stay close and can be quite clingy. Absolute hoarders, Mirkin dragons are drawn to anything shiny, including glass, metal, gemstones, jewelry, and even pretty plastics or resins. They help you see the beauty and value in the world around you, helping to inspire, focus on goals, and encourage taking pride in your appearance.

Mirkins act as protectors of your personal space and possessions, often bilocating to ensure that things are well both with you and back at home. They are likely to claim a corner or nook as their own where they can build their energetic nests. This is often a storage space, where you keep supplies, or where clutter naturally gathers. It’s recommended that you choose a smooth stone to act as your “tribute” to your Mirkin dragon, and this should be kept in their next, except when summoning or releasing them. 

Padua Reverse Adoption

Price: 30$USD

Padua shape the Realm of Dreams and speak in symbols (the sort of “dream logic” that makes sense in the subconscious but less so upon waking). They can enhance and navigate astral travel, help recall and interpret dreams, and send messages through sleep. In waking, they enhance intuition, gut instinct, and sensitivity to omens.

Padua live in Vismithia, the Realm of Dreams, and are fully astral beings with no physical form. They can seem larger or smaller than their companion, depending on whether they’re trying to be discreet or overt, and often will be invisible, leaving only the sound of their voice, scent, or the jangle of their jewelry to guide you to specific cues. While Vismithia and the Padua are naturally reachable through dreams, the Padua continue to observe and exist within your subconscious mind while you’re awake and alert. With careful practise, you can learn to sense their presence through mindfulness and inner awareness.

Chamanas Reverse Adoption

Price: 40$USD

Chamanas are eager to please and feed off pleasure. They will offer touch, focusing their energy on key pressure points to relieve tension, enhance mood, and revitalize energy. Chamanas could be equated to the Ubi of Ul-Zaorith and are innately sexual beings who can shift their physical sex at will.

Chamanas hail from Nunithorian, the Realm of Fire, and as such can tolerate very high temperatures and direct flame. Their eggs are said to hatch out of the embers of the first fire lit in a new hearth. Their scaled bodies range the spectrum of fiery colours from coal black to white-hot flame. As concubi, though their default shape is quite feminine by human standards, they are able to adjust their gender presentation, physical characteristics, and body type to suit the preferences of their companion.

Child of Loffur Reverse Adoption

Price: 40$USD

Children of Loffur are ageless and genderless spirits (that sometimes choose to present with a gender). They are said to lead mortals astray by twisting fate, enticing people to make one choice instead of another. The void energy created by shifting fates is what feeds a Child of Loffur. Children of Loffur increase possibility, opportunity, and the creation of new memories.

Since time doesn’t exist in Kukothrian, Children of Loffur are in a constant cycle of learning and forgetting. If there are long gaps of time when you don’t spend time with your Child of Loffur, they may begin to forget things you’ve told them—but don’t worry, they are always happy to hear a story again! By spending time together, learning about your life and world (both so alien to Ul-Zaorith denizens that they translate as pure Huskline sources), you will increase the cohesion and potency of your familiar.

Bodovian Dragon Reverse Adoption

Price: 60$USD

Bodovian dragons are generally considered wise, peaceful guardians. They are happy to have their companion ride their backs as they fly, though their flight patterns are similar to Chinese dragons in that they twist and whirl through the sky. These sinewy sky dragons are benevolent and long-lived, featuring in myths and legends, sometimes even stepping in to grant mortal wishes in lieu of various deities. They are wish-granters but often speak in riddles, and to kill one is considered a terrible sin. Their blood, given freely, can heal any wound, but taken by force can curse the person or land it touches. They are capable of mind speech and dreamwalking, and bring rain when they fly.

Bodovian dragon magic is passive and protective, helping to defend them from attack, but also something they can willfully extend to protect their companion and/or their companion’s space. They consume excess energy from cast magic, and so can act as a “cleanup” for spells you wish to dismantle, or for excess energy you need to purge.

Muzina Dragon Reverse Adoption

Price: 60$USD

Muzina dragons are generally considered fierce defenders of their territory, high-spirited, ferocious in battle, independent and proud. Due to their spines, their “riders” typically strap into harnesses that sit below the dragon’s throat plates (as the plates are typically too hot to touch with bare skin). They are muscular and thickly scaled, and typically fly in shorter, speedier bursts, rather than long flights. They are immune to heat and most noxious gasses, and so can soar on the updrafts of venting volcanoes (though this could be lethal for a human companion without the proper protective magics and/or gear). Because of this wild nature, it is incredibly difficult to tame wild Muzina dragons and so most (including those for this RA) domestic dragons have been raised from hatching in captivity in order to ensure they are people friendly. They are nonverbal, but expressive as any domestic familiar through their body language and vocalizations, proving they live rich emotional lives.

Suoro Dragon Reverse Adoption

Price: 60$USD

Suoro dragons are generally considered high spirited, coastal hunters, who feed off fish and seabirds primarily, but are also known to occasionally hunt cetaceans in a clutch of 6 or more. They make their homes in the northern shores of Suoro, laying their eggs in the crags of the high cliffs or in the floating islands in the Realm of Air. Domestic dragons like yours have been trained with a harness and saddle to accept riders. However, it is advisable to build a mental connection with them first. They are a proud species and wish to be treated as equals, rather than as pets. While they spit lightning, their scales are not conducive, relying on the searing power and fire of the lightning strike to injure their opponents. Their breath weapon is considerably more dangerous to non-dragons. Suoro dragon magic can be manipulative, delving, protective, and coercive, depending on the dragon’s temperament. In all things, Suoro dragons should be handled as spirited, highly intelligent, and complex beings with rich emotional and intellectual lives.

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