"If this is to be the end of the road, let every step along the way be paved with glory."

~Ahd'ar'ohk, God of Heroes & Legends

Race Overview
Custom Price: 150$USD

Agrimon are the offspring of two separate races. Note that not all races can breed together, and race creation through mixing was caused by Deity intervention during ancient times. Because of this, Agrimon are uncommon and cannot have offspring of their own. They do not have access to some of the unique racial abilities of their parents but can balance out some of the weaknesses of their parents races. Without a true place to belong, Agrimon are keen for found family and would make excellent companions. Because each Agrimon is unique they physically vary widely even when born of the same races as another. Agrimon can often be malformed due to the conflicting nature of the parent races' vastly different physical forms. 

We can work together to find you an Agrimon for a custom conjure, but the search for the right fit can be a long one. Agrimon are not currently offered as preconjures.

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