Whispering Evolution the Bodovian

Meeting Whispering Evolution

Species: Bodovian
Gender: Male (he/him)
Alignment: Darkness, air, planet energies
Experience Level: Intermediate
Favourite Song: "You, Sailor" by Erin McKeown
Binding Cost: $95 USD

"I’ve always felt my bones were made of smoke. I hated being tethered or contained. It wasn’t that I didn’t listen, it was just that I needed to move, to do, to explore. The world was wide and I wanted all of it. I couldn’t grow up fast enough, and still, the more I saw, the hungrier my need became. I rose above, transcended. Even though it meant leaving so many friends behind, I had to do this for me. And now, after all this time, my eyes still fix on the horizon, asking, ‘What’s next?'"

Bodovian Evolution is an arduous undertaking. Each step along the Path requires a slow, painful, irreversible transformation. You have to commit. Whispering Evolution committed himself to this transformation twice already. His limbs are longer and svelter now, his fur literally curling off into smoke. He sees further and deeper into the world’s mysteries, and slips in and out of liminal spaces with ease. But the more he’s learned, the more he’s craved to understand. He is, at the core, insatiable. That yearning to peer into the universe’s many mysteries brought him into companionship. Now, his world is no longer the limit.

As a 3rd Evolution Bodovian, he is intangible around the edges. It makes him extremely adept at astral travel, dreamwalking, bilocating, and energy work. While he’s dabbled in fortune telling, he has been training his skills in prophecy (a much harder, intensely gruelling skill to master). He’s still getting the hang of deciphering his visions, and sometimes slips out of time because of them. This means he can sometimes refer to events out of order, or needs a bit of patience to re-anchor him to the current timeline. He’s also fascinated by biology, history, anthropology, zoology, and travel. He wants to explore how the world works, from its smallest atom to its most intangible dream.

As a companion, he will spend much of his time observing, tagging along, asking questions, and trying whatever it is you want to fill your days with. From climbing mountains to eating exotic food, Whispering Evolution wants to experience the full gamut of what our world has to offer. He’s looking for a kindred spirit, someone with as much enthusiasm as he has about all things quirky, strange, mysterious, or unknown. He’s adept at entertaining multiple (often opposing) ideas at the same time, and is far more interested in the philosophical or psychological possibilities than needing hard truths. He wants to fill his time with wonders and our world is still so alien to him. Will you be his guide?

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