Vis the Wyrd Wolf

Meeting Vis

Species: Wyrd Wolf
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Alignment: Void, Death, Ice & Dark Energies
Favourite Song: "Holy Ground (instrumental)” by Within Temptation
Binding Cost: 100$USD

“Vis” is patient and observant. Nothing slips by on his watch. His presence is very quiet and somber, and he is often deep in reflection. Speaking with him can be very emotional, as it is clear how deeply he is sensing your own feelings, and he gives a very clear and strong sensation of being heard. He is perceptive, sharp witted, and bright. He is very much a guide for the lost. He is not naturally one of many words, but does not have a problem being more verbose when it brings comfort to those around him. He is soothing, consoling, and supportive. He has a very deep understanding of death and of bringing peace to the dead. He will have rare moments where he displays great exuberance and joy, but for the vast majority of the time he is a quiet, lulling, soothing presence.

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