Vän the Wyrd Wolf

Meeting Vän

Species: Wyrd Wolf
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Alignment: Abyssal & Dark Energies
Favourite Song: "Visa dig” by Annika Herlitz & Linda Olsson (aka Swedish “Show Yourself” from Frozen 2)
Binding Cost: 100$USD

“Vän” is full of surprises. He has a deep abyssal energy to him, but is one of the friendliest and most joyful individuals. He loves the company of others, very much a fan of “the more the merrier”. He is cuddly and uplifting. He rarely remains in one place for very long, and is always travelling and seeking to befriend new species and races. He is full of energy, tending to bound around more than actually walk. Everything that he does, he does with joy in his heart. He is very charming, able to get a smile from even the most curmudgeonly of individuals. In spite of his delightful personality, he is a fierce defender. He is protective, and as quick as he is to play he is just as quick to step up if he feels his loved ones are in any danger. His travels have added to his wisdom and knowledge, and he is very adept at reading the intentions of others. While he certainly isn’t the type to pick a fight for any trivial reason, he will also not back down when he is defending someone innocent. He is warmhearted and captivating, and is very much looking forward to finding his person.

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