Trosta the Wyrd Wolf

Meeting Trosta

Species: Wyrd Wolf
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Alignment: Void, Lunar & Dark Energies
Favourite Song: "Sleeping Sun” by Nightwish
Binding Cost: 100$USD

“Trotsa” is courageous and brave. He is self assured in his abilities to effectively handle anything that comes his way, and this deep rooted confidence shines through in his mannerisms. He is the type who will command attention just by his presence alone, and although he is naturally a leader he is not domineering or controlling. He leads by example, and his trustworthy reputation makes him incredibly well respected. On first impression, he has a gruff exterior- rough and harsh. He has many areas where his fur grows in a different colour from the long ago battles he emerged victorious from. His voice can be more of a snarl, and his attitude matter-of-fact. But beneath this cautious demeanor, he cares very deeply. He has known the pain of loss and the grief that comes along with it. He views relationships with others as very meaningful and important, and never takes for granted the time he is able to spend with his loved ones.

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