Tribe Mystic the Bodovian

Meeting Tribe Mystic

Species: Bodovian
Gender: Female
Alignment: Moons, Dark, Air energies
Experience Level: Beginner
Favourite Song: "Dance in the Graveyards” by Delta Rae
Binding Cost: 95$USD

"I will not be the whirlpool where knowledge churns without outlet. I have been of use in so many ways, and still I am unfulfilled. Let me be more than some ornament to power. Let me exercise my own importance while still admitting I am but a conduit for the spirits to speak. I can be both wife and mother. I can be both student and guide. Let me be full-faceted and I will be content."

Tribe Mystic has filled many important roles for her tribe: as councilwoman, as mate to the previous chief, and then as mother to the current chief. Now, she is their wise woman, using her prophecy and communion with the local spirits to advise the higher ranking members of the community. Using Bodovian runes, divination, trancework, and her League of Spirits, she is consulted on everything from seasonal mating to long expeditions, and presides over difficult births. 

As a companion, she can help you dig deeper into the spiritual side of your craft, embracing elements of death, life, and spirit. She can help hone your divination abilities, your sensitivity to energy, and your energy reading. If you are interested in communing with the local spirits, she can teach you some of her techniques, though she cautions that the spirits she communes with may be vastly different from the spirits near you.

In exchange, she’s looking for a pupil of the metaphysic arts. Her daughter (the current chief) cares little for the spiritual side of things, and so Tribe Mystic worries her knowledge will be lost without someone to pass her lessons on to. While she’s an older Bodovian, she is still fit and healthy, and has many long years left to devote to your companionship.

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