Rainbow the Gaian Shifter

50$USD from this listing is being donated to Rainbow Railroad  once this spirit finds their home. Happy Pride everyone!

Meeting Rainbow the Gaian Shifter

Species: Gaian Shifter (Crayfish) 
Gender: Trans Masc (He/They)
Alignment: Water & Earth
Experience Level: Beginner+
Favourite Song: Sweater Weather - The Neighborhood
Binding Cost: 100$USD

Back home, Rainbow lets the universe guide him to wherever he’s meant to be. With his guitar strapped to his back, the wide open world is his home. He has always struggled to stay anchored to his own realm, lost in dreams about far off places and exciting adventures. He’s always been a “big picture” sort of person, leading a life that is in balance with nature. Rainbow is a skilled forager and hunter, having nurtured his skills from a young age alongside his parents. Luckily for Rainbow, his world allows for people who do not wish to be chained down by societal expectations to roam freely without penalty should they deem it the right lifestyle for them. While there is certainly still some prejudice and judgment in Rainbow’s world, it is not nearly to the scale of which we experience it here. As a bleeding heart, this deeply troubles Rainbow. During his time spent here, he has become particularly invested in the struggles of our trans brothers, sisters, and siblings, as well as the discrimination 2SLGBTQIA+ individuals are battling against.

Rainbow is a very down-to-earth guy who, by North American viewpoints, could be considered “pretty West Coast''. While in most situations he’s content to let bygones be bygones and rarely takes anything personally, exuding a laid back attitude towards life, there are certainly some things that can really rile him. It’s impressive to see his passionate side, especially due to his typical “live and let live” chill guy persona. Underneath that stable and steady surface lies a being whose heart burns to see a better future for all living beings, so that no matter what race, world, or realm you’re from, you can be free to be exactly who you’ve always been destined to become. He believes strongly in the freedom of personal expression and prizes individuals who walk through life to the beat of their own drums without a care in the world about what anyone else thinks.

In companionship, he’d love to help someone figure out who they are beyond their relationships, help to polish them to become the sparkling gem they were always meant to be, and uncover skills and talents they might not have otherwise known they possessed. Rainbow is a big believer in trying new things until you find what fits and feels like home. Taking this journey with another soul sounds incredibly fulfilling to him. Whether you’re someone who lacks confidence or has all the confidence in the world, Rainbow feels everyone could use that extra boost now and again.

Rainbow would be especially interested in a fellow trans person, but this isn’t required. An interest in music, even if only listening to it, is also a bonus. As a busker who earns their money by playing to those that passby, he’s quite used to being the entertainment for others and doesn’t mind representing the anchor or hub for one’s family. Rainbow’s congenial personality makes him an easy fit for most people, and he’s eager to meet some new faces.

Rainbow specializes in: keeping a level head, helping people embrace their true selves, holding boundaries, reassurance, prosperity work, grounding, and glamors.

Rainbow seeks: a kindred spirit, someone who loves life for all its wonder and beauty, but someone who also recognizes that there can’t be growth without missteps and conquered trials. 

Rainbow admires these qualities in others: resilience, compassion, straight-forwardness, an artistic eye, being the glue that holds a social group together, steadfastness, involvement in fighting against social injustices, and someone who is not quick to judge others.

Rainbow struggles with these qualities in others: discussing people heavily in a negative light, expressing frustrations in inflammatory ways, unfairness, swift judgment of others, stubbornness taken to the extreme, an unwillingness to let go of outdated mindsets, and reacting poorly when someone points out overt and/or internalized harmful phobias (re: sex work, racism, trans/homophobia, etc).

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