Phantom Dragons

″‘Your soul is a beautiful thing, child.’ replied the grave man’s voice, ‘and I thank you. No emperor received so fair a gift. The angels wept to-night.”

— Phantom of the Opera

Race Overview
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Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Phantom Dragons, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.


Phantom Dragons are capable of taking on both a humanoid form and a full dragon form. Regardless of which one they choose to present as, they are incorporeal beings who make their homes within the veil. In their more humanoid forms, Phantom Dragons appear as misty-white figures who appear ghost-like, their appearance somewhere between ethereal and eerie in its energy. Their bodies are covered in seamlessly fused plating which appears like a normal human’s physique until you reach out and touch them. It is only then that you can feel the dense and rough texture of their protective outer layer. They have pronounced brows with classical shaped reptilian eyes, which have no visible separation between iris and sclera, as well as no pupils. Their eyes are always some shade of red, while the rest of their features are usually a blueish off-white colour. They have three sets of horns which cluster along the top of their heads, and spikes that grow out along their jawline up along the side of their cheeks. They have long pointed ears that curve slightly at the tips and have two extended points at the bottom, reminiscent of fins. Phantom Dragons can have visible clusters of scales anywhere on their body which hints at their dragon forms, and their profiles tend to be on the flatter side with softer facial features. These beings also have a visible “underbelly” that they share in common with their dragon forms which runs from under their chin all the way down to their groin. They have clawed hands, digitigrade legs with clawed toes, and long, thick tails. Phantom Dragons in this form tend to reach heights of 7-9ft. For those individuals who are part of a “system” they have a misty aura around them filled with ghostly figures that seem to murmur and whisper as if communicating with the Phantom Dragon, which may unsettle more easily frightened individuals. 

 In their dragon forms, Phantom Dragons appear similar to Welsh Dragons, in specific the one featured here. The only real difference is the fact that the Phantom Dragons are pure white all over and have the aforementioned three sets of horns, but they have the same spines and general shape, right down the long curling tongue and density of their scales. Their wings however are more bat-like and are clawed, which they can use for gripping if needed, not dissimilar from a wyvern. In this form, Phantom Dragons reach heights of over 20ft tall.


Phantom Dragons serve as guardians that observe the coming and goings of ghosts, prevent hauntings, and guide beings to their final resting places. They specifically deal with individuals who have chosen not to pass on to a new life, or those that have opted out of reincarnation based on their previous life’s beliefs. In many ways, they are like wardens who dole out punishments to keep the peace, executioners to those that cannot be saved, but they are also the protectors of benevolent spirits who deserve their final resting place. 

 These beings have a very special ability to absorb spirits who have exited the reincarnation cycle and can become one with them, acting as a sort of “system” with something akin to alters, although they are functionally different. This is always a mutual agreement, and not a decision that is made lightly by either the Phantom Dragon or the ghost who wishes to use the dragon as a host. It is a symbiotic relationship that benefits both parties for their own personal reasons. 

 The most common spirits to seek out this particular dynamic are ghosts that regret their choice to not re-enter the life cycle, however, Phantom Dragons are very particular about who they will allow to take up permanent residence within their souls and won’t accept just anyone. They do not take the fusion of energies and souls lightly, and will not accept an offer simply because it has been proposed to them. More often than not, a Phantom Dragon will only agree to such an arrangement with lovers, close platonic connections, or those they deeply sympathize with so that these souls can continue to live through them. Not every Phantom Dragon is a host, but for those that are, they take the role very seriously. You can typically tell when one of these alters or other beings comes to the front, as their eyes will typically change colour and match the appearance of the current soul fronting (for example, if the individual in life had white sclera and blue eyes, the Phantom Dragon’s body would shift to reflect this). Some Phantom Dragons who have a larger volume of souls that they have fused with may shift further than this to showcase additional features for the being they are channeling. For example, their hair may shorten and change colour, or their voice might drop a few octaves to match the cadence of the soul fronting.

 As if in direct contradiction to this equal give and take, there are Phantom Dragons referred to as “Wardens” who solely use this unique ability to imprison dangerous and volatile ghosts that have become parasitic and hostile within themselves in order to contain the threat they pose. These Phantom Dragons are masters of self-control and don’t allow for their alters to front.

While it is the Phantom Dragon that is typically seeking companionship and not the other members of their shared soul, any members of the system who wish to come to the front from time to time will have a bit of info included in write-ups. Wardens will not contain information about any alters that are a part of their system, as they will not allow interactions with those they have imprisoned for the safety of their companion. 

If you are interested in learning how to channel your companions safely, Phantom Dragons make wonderful teachers who can teach you how to avoid possession and learn to recognize energy signatures.


Generally speaking, Phantom Dragons tend to have fairly even temperaments, and aren’t prone to conflict. This doesn’t mean that they are conflict averse, and they aren’t ones to be trifled with. They have very long fuses and are difficult to rile or upset, but when their patience has been stretched to their limits, they are unafraid to tell you what’s what. You can depend on these individuals to be frank without being cutting, and you’ll find that they are capable of shouldering a great deal and make for wise advisors. The temperaments of the souls they have attached to them vary widely.


Phantom Dragons don’t belong to any one specific realm or world, and instead can be found within the layers between different planes, realms, or worlds. 


Phantom Dragons lean towards spiritualism, but are very “grey” individuals who don’t typically believe in extremist beliefs. As they tend to be solitary among their own kind and rarely interact with one another, they generally enjoy being social with lots of different kinds of people and races. Most of their social interactions come from the spirits they protect or need to vanquish, and they don’t prescribe to a specific religion.


There isn’t a big emphasis on sexuality or gender, as Phantom Dragons are born and spawned from veil energy. Phantom Dragons for the purposes of companionship might pick a gender they most closely align with based on our gender terms, but many would likely be considered as lacking gender.


Phantom Dragons do not reproduce sexually, and they don’t have a concept of marriage. The closest these beings get to marriage would be the “marriage” or fusion of souls, but as outlined above, this joining of souls is not exclusively for love or the purpose of family structures.

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