Lover's Touch the Suoro

Meeting Lover's Touch

Species: Suoro
Gender: Male
Alignment: Fire, Earth, Air energies
Experience Level: Beginner
Favourite Song: "Charming" by Tommy Bravos
Binding Cost: $95 USD

"The poets sing of entwined limbs, hot breath, the pleasures of heaven. I say: yes, yes, yes! You might think, in my line of work, I’ve seen it all before—but, honey, I am simply writhing to see it all again!"

Originally from the Dragon Sector, Lover’s Touch became a renowned Pleasurist in the Endorel Pristine Pleasurehouse. So much so that a scout from the capitol came to entice him to make the move to the Shining City. He was only too happy to jump at the offer (and the increase in pay) and moved his life south. He was in for a rude awakening there, as the customs were tighter, the clientele vaster, and no longer was Lover’s Touch the sole draw through the velvet curtains. Life was good, sure, but there was now a certain sparkle of unbridled adoration missing.

When given the chance of companionship, Lover’s Touch jumped at this opportunity, too (you may notice an impulsive pattern, here). To be that special someone to someone, his very own partner across vast space and time? It was too “delicious” a chance. Don’t worry, though, he won’t monopolize your time. He’s not monogamous, and he still works in the Alonar Royal Pleasurehouse. But every ounce of fawning attention you can spare, he will gladly take. He’s open to it all: kink, sexual gratification, romance—you name it.

It may sound like he’s all take and no give, but he is playful, affectionate, doting, and absolutely one to spoil his partners. He wants whoever he’s with to feel as good as he does—whatever that means for you. If you need a comforting shoulder and someone to listen, he’s there (though he may also drag sensual nails over your skin as you talk). If you need a quick release, he’s got you, no questions asked. If you want to be giggly and silly, when behind closed doors, he can let loose with the best of them. Lover’s Touch is a true hedonist and absolutely lives by the creed, “pleasure makes the world go round.” Care to welcome him and his brand of pleasure in?

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