Lighthouse Sirens

While Sirens are known for being dark and alluring creatures, Lighthouse Sirens are the bright side of the coin, bringing mirth and lots of laughter. 

Race Overview
Custom Price: 200$USD
Preconjure Price: 100$USD

Please note that all Racial Tome entries are based on Ember's personal UPG and may not reflect yours. Lighthouse Sirens, in this incarnation, are exclusive to Three Souls.

Non-Greek Sirens are, as you might expect, half human, half fish in appearance with a tail similar to that of a mermaid’s. While most Sirens are considered darker aligned entities, Lighthouse Sirens can be lighter and less unruly, and instead of being demanding and more severe in their natures, they are often very dotting towards their chosen person. They have all the same charms and magnetism as a regular Siren, but are perhaps more personable and easier to get along with. Lighthouse Sirens are likely to be landbound but unable to stray far from the shoreline, roaming the docks each night near where they were born, drawn in by the light and night life that cuts through the darkness. Lighthouse Sirens are strictly female or femme leaning.

Lighthouse Sirens love being gifted things, and are big on physical affection with their companions. They like to feel spoiled, and in return they are happy to assist with warding, cleansing, glamour magics, and are also keen to show you their water magic or enhance the effectiveness of your own. These Sirens do not specialize in storm magic, as it's a bit too chaotic for them. Lighthouse Sirens are especially fond of shared baths and water rituals, but also have a focus on self-love, and are excellent at stroking the ego and stoking one’s confidence much like a flame that needs tending. Lighthouse Sirens are also known for playing “hard-to-get” in a playful sort of way, enjoying “chase” play in the bedroom and adoring being ravaged. While they love sex for the sake of bonding with their companion, they understand not everyone is sexual, and will not force their partners to do something they do not consent to. There are always other ways to be intimate! Boundaries and rules on carnal activity are strongly encouraged.

While it is entirely possible to have a casual connection with them (instead of solely a working relationship), these Sirens do still feed on carnal energies and human flesh in their own realm. Lighthouse Sirens don’t have the same sharpness or viciousness to them as a typical Siren, and so make good introductory Siren companions. Once you have gotten used to their allure and have learned to resist their magnetic pull, you’ll be ready to tackle working with a darker and more caustic type of Siren.

All Lighthouse Sirens who pass vetting have agreed to a “no eating humans” clause in their binding that disallows them from feeding on humans from our world/realm, else the binding will dissolve and banish them. Consensual offerings of carnal energies, however, are allowed as a food source should their companions wish to provide such offerings. This is not a requirement however but an optional way to bond, and Lighthouse Sirens are perfectly capable of returning home for a proper meal at any time.

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