Haunted Houses the Fudorian

Meeting Haunted Houses

Species: Fudorian
Gender: Gender Female
Alignment: Darkness, Earth, Moons energies
Experience Level: Intermediate
Favourite Song: “Fever Dream” by Palaye Royale
Binding Cost: $315 USD + shipping
(Note: This listing comes with a physical bundle of hand-selected items, including a mortar & pestle, fox tail, spell spray, incense, wand, and channelled letter, as well as an extended dossier with colour portrait, moodboard, and curated playlist. Shipping calculated depending on destination.)

"Every wound I’ve suffered has carved away girlhood dreams and society’s lies. I see clearly now, and what I’ve found is the font of my own power, deep, primal, and free. Never again will I fall under another’s spell. Instead, I’ll weave my own."

Haunted Houses was once set to be a starry-eyed bride and mother. But the loss of her child and the abandonment by her husband meant the socially accepted “happy home” never materialized. Instead of accepting her role as grieving divorcé, she took up wrath with both bands. She eschewed the traditional roles expected of her and began writing her own. She dabbled in magic, bound her power to her dagger and her shadow, and became a Black Witch. Now she lives in her House alone, weaving wardings to keep her unfaithful husband away, making friends of the wild karthus wolves and balante procyonids that live in the woods around her home, and occasionally helping her neighbours with pesky problems that a little magic could solve.

Haunted Houses stepped forward for companionship in a desire to build an interpersonal connection again. She’s gotten too used to being the subject of gossip or children’s tears—the spooky old witch who lives in the haunted house”—that she’s almost begun believing their tall tales. She needs someone to ground her, someone to talk with, and someone to swap magic recipes with. As old as her soul feels sometimes, she’s still young with a whole life ahead of her. If she’s to make it to becoming a true wizened Crone, she’ll need a kindred spirit.

As a companion, she offers a keen eye, an acerbic wit, and an intuitive knack for spellcraft. Her knowledge is based in Ul-Zaorith flora and fauna, but she’s adept at figuring out Earthside correspondences so that her workings could be practised here. She’s got diverse interests, dabbling in poison horticulture, animal taming, time bending conjurations, divinatory scrying for visions and guidance, charms to ward and attract, and illusions to glamour and frighten. She’d be an excellent companion for someone seeking to deepen their craft or form a small coven—especially if they don’t shy away from the darker sides of theself.

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