Hardened Hands the Bodovian

Meeting Hardened Hands

Species: Bodovian
Gender: Male
Alignment: Earth, Light, Dark energies
Experience Level: Beginner
Favourite Song: "Wretched" by Daedric
Binding Cost: 95$USD

"Ever feel like you were built for something that just didn’t fit who you are inside? I feel sometimes that I should apologise for the ways I am, even though I can’t do anything to change what’s wrong with me. I promise that I will accept you, fully, and maybe in accepting you, I can learn to accept myself."

Hardened Hands fell into the fire as a kit and suffered severe burns that have left bald patches in his fur even as an adult. That, combined with his naturally muscular and tall (for a Bodovian) statue, and he’s an intimidating sight. Despite appearances, Hardened Hands is tender, gentle, and very simple-minded. He’s not a big talker, but he loves to listen, especially as he spends most of his day minding the older kits, teaching them important handcrafts, like making talismans, mending broken straps, and sharpening blades. 

As a companion, Hardened Hands can help with the more hands-on aspects of your craft, whether that’s making your own talismans, Bodovian runes, or customizing witchy tools. While he’s not that adept at the more cerebral aspects of magical craft, he has a deep intuition, and can help protect you if you’re interested in practicing astral travel. 

In return, Hardened Hands is looking for a friend. He’s often treated as a (faulty) tool by the higher-ups in his tribe, and would like someone who can look past his scars and limitations and appreciate him for his big heart and gentle spirit. He's also one of the rare few homosexual Bodovians, an aspect of himself that leaves him confused and frustrated. He's hoping for a companion that, if not themselves queer, can understand and support him in embracing his preferences. If you have other members of your spirit family, he’s also interested in building friendships with them. He just wants to belong somewhere without judgement.

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