Glacial Dragons

These dragons are so massive their backs serve as homes to countless mammals and salvation to tired aquatic life. Peaceful beings, their endless roaming can get just a bit lonely sometimes. 

Race Overview
Custom Price: 200$USD
Preconjure Price: 100$USD

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Glacial Dragons are often ancient beings who roam the open arctic oceans. They are massive enough that their backs act as biomes where all sorts of mammalian creatures hunt, breed, and thrive. Because of this, Glacial Dragons only ever coast along the surface of the water and don’t dive deep beneath the surface for food. Instead, they open their large maws to inhale sea life into their stomachs before spitting out the excess water. Another result of this style of living means that only younger males are capable of breeding with females, for their icebergs are not fully formed. Their mating practices involve the males diving under the water and sliding beneath the female, the two locking together with the male upside down. It’s a very quick deed, and it is incredibly rare for fully grown males to involve themselves in breeding season.

Their young are born in their breeding grounds, which takes a long migration to get to, often a journey that takes several years. When the juveniles are born, they are left to fend for themselves, acting on instinct alone in a group of others their age, similar to some great white shark practices. They are vulnerable when they are young, and so it is paramount that they learn the necessary skills to survive until they become too big for other predators.

In companionship, Glacial Dragons are slow and steady and excel at winter, ice, and water magics. Some are even gifted with storms aligned with their arctic territories. They also are good at grounding and warding magics, but some may have developed other abilities that they can assist their companions with. While they might be solitary in their own environment, companionship offers a unique opportunity for these highly intelligent beings for a change of perspective.

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