Demi the Succubus

Meeting Demi

Species: Gaian Ubi
Gender: Demigirl (She/They)
Alignment: Fire & Water Energies
Experience Level: Beginner+
Favourite Song: Need Your Love - Tennis
Binding Cost: 80$USD

Coming from a realm where sex is a central tenet of the culture, where crime is everywhere, and hardly anyone has kept their hands clean of misdeeds, Demi is a rare and pure individual. Sometimes the reality of her realm is a bit harsh for her more delicate constitution, her gentle heart, and her empathic leanings. While she certainly has the art of seduction down to a fine art, Demi is loath to use her teachings against anyone. In fact, Demi is decidedly and very firmly asexual. An asexual and borderline sex repulsed succubus in the City Realm is faced with an interesting conundrum; they must adapt or starve. Blindfolded voyeurism gives Demi a way to be present without being involved in any acts herself, creating a sort of sexual ASMR that she can listen to and draw energy from. Under such circumstances, Demi is able to comfortably feed, and luckily Demi has a great pair of friends she has known since childhood who are always willing and happy to help her have her needs met.

Despite their willingness to help, most Gaian Ubi—while respectful of one’s sexual orientation—don’t really understand asexuality. Perhaps it is because their culture is raised beyond the shame of human purity culture, or because it is no different to them than eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast. It is natural and essential to survival, and in some ways asexuality within Gaian Ubi culture is treated like a form of eating disorder. 

Demi would consider that to be the case for herself, but even if she wasn’t repulsed by the act, she still feels she’d be disinterested or indifferent towards it. In companionship, Demi is seeking someone who is both asexual and perhaps someone who also has had difficult relationships with food. She feels that having someone who experiences both of these things will best understand her, and will provide her with someone who is a sympathetic ear of someone who truly comprehends her struggles. But, she doesn’t just want a companion who she can vent to, she wants someone she genuinely clicks with. Demi wants cute nights out to the movies, to hold hands with, plan outings with, go to the store and try on clothes you never plan to buy, and seek out the hidden gems within your own city or nearby towns. Art museums, going to masquerade balls, running murder mysteries, or assuming another identity for the night in the form of a LARP or TTRPG are all things that Demi would love to try out. It gives her a way to use her skills as a masterfully trained seductress in more fun, safe, and entertaining ways for Demi. Friendship and building fond memories is paramount for Demi, and through companionship she wants to offer someone a bit of respite from the stress and noise of their daily life.  

Even though she desires to be close to someone, she is not specifically looking for a romantic partner. In fact, Demi would consider herself grey-romantic. While romance is not impossible for her to experience, Demi wishes to put emphasis on like mindedness and mutual happiness over a desire for romance. Her ideal companion would be an open-minded individual who won't try and "convert her" into a sexual creature because of her race when she isn't one. 

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