Cuddle the Venusian Phoenix

Meeting Cuddle

Species: Venusian Phoenix
Gender: Femme (She/They; AMAB)
Alignment: Air & Water Energies
Experience Level: Beginner+
Favourite Song: Gently As She Goes by Erutan
Binding Cost: 100$USD

Soft, comfortable, and safe are a few words many would use to describe Cuddle. She is effervescent, and a hopeless romantic who believes in courting not only those that you love, but your best friends too. Her definition of love is broad and expansive, and she will hold the hands of those she adores and kiss their knuckles to show her devotion regardless of romantic feelings. Every relationship she has, she puts her whole heart in to. Cuddling, holding hands, hair petting, and exchanging a few smooches are all valid displays of affection towards anyone for Cuddle. Her way of expressing herself is very fluid, but is not perhaps as appropriate as it could be when mixing with other cultures.

Cuddle would do best with someone who approaches life with an inquisitive mind, an open heart, and harbors a charitable soul. She loves to spoil and be spoiled in return, and her upbeat personality keeps her feeling enthusiastic and optimistic about what tomorrow holds. If you find yourself stuck in a bit of a rain cloud, Cuddle is the sunlight that gently rousing you from sleep, the warmth that cuts through the sting of a chilly day, and the dawn choir that reassures you that life still has plenty of wonders left to witness. She is by no means manic or loud, and nobody lights up with such effusive light like Cuddle does.

In companionship, Cuddle has no set expectations on what form she wants the dynamic to take. What she does know is that she wants to make her companion feel loved and cherished. Whether it’s quiet days spent bundled up watching your favourite comfort movie, reorganizing your sock drawer for the millionth time, or staying up late to watch the sunrise, you’ll find Cuddle there by your side filled with gratitude and appreciation for the moments with you.

With all her skill sets, Cuddle is a jack-of-all-trades but a master of none. She is good with cleansing, warding, candle and fire magics, but she also has a soft spot for bath magic and anything air or water aligned. Her biggest focus, however, is on hearth and home. Cuddle would love to help her future companion define what homes mean to them. Is it people, a place, or a series of memories? Is it filling your space with pretty things and creature comforts? Whatever the answer may be, Cuddle wants to make sure that your ‘house’ feels like a home, and that you find peace and comfort wherever you lay your head at night.

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