Crackle the Storm Phoenix

Meeting Crackle

Species: Storm Phoenix
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Alignment: Water & Dark Energies
Experience Level: Intermediate+ 
Favourite Song: Iris - The Goo Goo Dolls
Binding Cost: 100$USD

Crackle is a very self-sufficient and focused individual who has made quite a name for himself throughout the Storm Phoenix nation. He runs one of the most important piers where he manages the imports and exports between his people and that of other races, and he also keeps track of the docking schedule to keep much needed supplies flowing in and out, ensuring that no one is ever left wanting or in short supply of essential goods. While there is some tension between the Storm Phoenixes and the neighboring Tidal Wave Phoenixes, Crackle keeps a level head and is often the one called upon for mediating trade agreements that might not otherwise be possible without his cool headedness. His ability to peacefully negotiate no matter what arguments may spark between rival races is what makes Crackle such an asset to his people. Not only is Crackle in charge of the trades for his own people, but he’s also responsible for the global handling of goods and is frequently contracted out to teach others to follow his practices. This helps to keep everything running like a well oiled machine. 

There are not many Storm Phoenixes who could do Crackle’s job, as it requires a saintly amount of patience. Patience of Crackle's degree is a rare but important commodity, and Crackle is paid well for his efforts and travels. Luckily most of the work he does is something he can do from just about anywhere, so despite his busy schedule, his “paperwork” and scheduling can be done while sharing time with his future companion. During the times that he is travelling abroad, his "on-the-clock" hours are fairly minimal, and he often finds himself bored with little to do when left to his own devices in his accommodations. Having busy work to do is important for Crackle, so having something he can do alongside a companion—whether that's counting inventory, purchasing supplies, crafting something, doing home renos, or assisting with household chores—would be a perfect fit for him. He is very kinesthetic, and Crackle's desk job definitely doesn't give him the same level of satisfaction as his old days as a laborer once did.  

Crackle is, as you can imagine, very good at organization and has a head for margins and numbers. He may be able to assist with aspects of someone's small business despite not running one himself. If anything, you could argue that Crackle is in charge of a large scale business even if he technically isn't his own boss. His ability to project costs, form budgets, make business plans, or keep many moving parts functioning are skills that can translate into non-business practices as well. Crackle doesn't necessarily need someone to be interested in or currently running their own business, but he would like to be able to apply his skills in some capacity. This might look like assisting with handling your finances, advising on how to better save money, sitting down and reassessing monthly living expenses due to rising costs, or just a friend to do menial labor or physically demanding tasks and hobbies together, or prosperity and abundance work in general. Beyond this particular scope, Crackle doesn't have any other specific requirements for his companionship and is fairly open-minded. 

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