Cauldron the Tea Witch

Meeting Cauldron

Species: Tea Witch (Gaian)
Gender: Femme (She/They)
Alignment: Earth & Rural Energies
Experience Level: Beginner+
Favourite Song: Helvegen - Kalandra
Binding Cost: 100$USD

After the loss of her father, Cauldron’s mother became quite protective of her daughter out of fear of losing her and moved the pair to a small log cabin in the woods away from the perceived dangers of the city. While it wasn’t entirely off the grid, it was still fairly far removed from most things, secluded even from the closest township. This meant that, from a young age, Cauldron had to strategize and plan ahead in order to make sure her and her mother had everything they needed. Her mother instilled in her many valuable lessons about survival, caution, and independence. A rather precocious child, Cauldron absorbed it all and took to her tasks with dedication and gusto. 

Much of her youth was spent learning things like how to build and keep a fire going, how to cook without power when the generator failed, how to catch her own meals in the nearby river, how to grow her own food, how to spot disease in animals or the trees in order to prevent further spread, and how to store food that was out of season. Most importantly, Cauldron learned how to respect and love the land she lived on, to commune with it. Her mother made sure that Cauldron gave mother nature the reverence she deserved.

A generational witch, Cauldron has a wide area of expertise, but her specialty is as a healer through the power of tea. Growing much of her own ingredients, Cauldron barters for what she can’t grow herself, and often goes to market to sell the blends her mother and her make, along with hand made quilts, shawls, scarves, preserves, and whatever else the power duo feel up to making. They always make a note of what the locals seem to like best, and are always sure to make plenty of everyone’s favourites and are generally well liked. 

Lately though, Cauldron’s mother has been slowing down. Her memory is slipping, and sometimes she forgets important life facts such as the passing of her late husband. With her body unable to do any real heavy lifting around the property, and the impacts of an aging mind taking deep root, Cauldron has been hesitant to leave her mother’s side. When Cauldron’s mom had her, she was already in her mid 40s, and Cauldron tries not to think about what will happen when her one true, strong, lasting connection inevitably slips from this life on to the next. Cauldron knows her time is limited now with her mom, but she keeps her head up high all the same. "Mom's lead a good life," she says. "There's nothing to feel sad about. She lived life to the fullest, and I only hope to do the same and make her proud of me."

Even though Cauldron has taken on the additional responsibility of tending to her mother—which is something she is glad to say she does in return for all her mother has given her—a part of  Cauldron knows she needs a support network beyond her mom. While the animals that live in the forest she inhabits might be recognizable by sight or sound, and she certainly has a deep telepathic and intuitive connection with them, they could never replace her mother. Nor could any of the kind faces at the market, or the men she trades goods with. Cauldron wants to give her mother the best end of life care possible, and while there is certain to be a time of grief ahead in Cauldron’s future, she wants to celebrate her mom and remember her fondly and with happiness instead of tears.

In companionship, Cauldron would love someone who either shares an earthy, nature-focused quality to their life, or someone who understands the profound connection someone can have to their family. Not everyone is so lucky to experience the kind of connection with their parents as she had, and Cauldron knows that. She is ultimately seeking a friend at the end of the day, someone who can support her through dark times and allow her to return the favour in kind. And while you both share your hearts, your sorrows, fears, and triumphs, Cauldron will make you the perfect cup of tea to hold close to your chest, soothe your spirit, and bring a little serenity into your life when you need it most.

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