Artifact Lord the Briandynian

Meeting Artifact Lord

Species: Briandynian
Gender: Androgynous
Alignment: Planet, Dark, Moons energies
Experience Level: Intermediate
Favourite Song: “The Proud and the Broken” by Kamelot
Binding Cost: $380 USD + shipping (Includes custom artifact bundle, including curated curio case, leather journal, crystals, oracle deck, and companion letter)

"Every artifact has a storied history: Who made it and with what materials, how it was made and what purpose it was made for, and all the lives it has served, touched, or changed from that day to this. Appreciate the skill, circumstance, and chance that brought each object into your possession. Take not this kismet for granted, for it is your only tether in the endless web of time. We must understand these histories if we are to make sense of ourselves."

The Artifact Lord is a rather intense person. He's a master of the “art of hyperfixation,” but they also have broad curiosity and a very unbiased approach to studying. For each object, technique, or theory, they assess it on its own merits, rather than giving in to common opinions of whether it’s “low” or “high” forms of its art. This impartiality can come across as pedantic, as Artifact Lord never takes things at face value, and they constantly circle back around to question previous assumptions. However, in the long run, it means that his studies are meticulous, unbiased, and insightful. These qualities have enabled them to rise to the rank of Master of the Imperial Collections—making him responsible for the throne’s millennia-old collection of arts and objects.

The Artifact Lord will encourage their companion’s curiosity, helping you research new interests or dig deeper into existing areas of focus. They can vet new objects with psychometry, assess energies tethered to objects (including vessels and memento mori), and help to preserve or repair old objects that need a little care. If you need help organizing your space, curating your collection, or dressing your altar, these are all things they treats as rewards. He loves nothing more than digging into the crevices, cleaning things out, organizing and cataloguing everything, and then arranging it all just so.

Their main reason for seeking companionship is to have access to all the many things that Earth offers that don’t exist in Ul-Zaorith, from electronics to motor vehicles, from gadgets to the Internet. More than just sating their curiosity, however, the Artifact Lord has also observed a complete disconnect among most people about the origins of their fast fashion, their groceries, their resources—and believes they can make a real difference by helping their companion learn more about their connection and reliance on these systems of production, transport, and consumerism so that you can make more conscientious choices and live a more intentional life. By doing so, he believes, your energy will evolve and your spirit expand.

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